Here's What's Coming up at MVCC!  

Parenting Class Opportunity: If you missed out on the Thursday night parenting class at MVCC due to scheduling conflics, you still have the chance to get in on the excellent training of "Discipline That Connects With Your Child's Heart." Registration is now open for an online, 6 week course to help bring peace, connection and grace to your home. Go to to sign up. 

Fall Book Sale: We have been updating our inventory in the Bookstore, so for the next two Sundays we are offering a variety of books for only $3 each. With Christmas just around the corner, these could make a great gift! 

Israel Class: We are called to live so That The World May Know Who God is. Experience the Bible in its context as we travel via video with historian and teacher Dr. Ray Vander Laan to Israel, Jordan, Italy and Greece to gain new insights into the Apostle Paul’s ministry in Phillipi and Thessalonica. Having previously studied the first 14 volumes of the series, we move on to the recently released Volume 15, “A Clash of Kingdoms.” The class meets twice on Sunday mornings to accommodate most schedules at 8am and 9:30am in the Coffee Shop beginning October 8th. All ages are welcome and will benefit from this study, class veterans and newbies alike! 

Harvest Dinner: Please join us for our annual Harvest Dinner held at the Woodburn High School Commons on November 5th, Sunday after 2nd service. This is a wonderful time of year where we all get to gather in one place and enjoy a meal together! Our focus is Family and bring a friend or neighbor and plan to sit with someone you have been wanting to get to know! 

Food Details: The church will provide turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, sweet potatoes and green beans. Please bring a side (last names A-M) or a dessert (last names N-Z). If you can bring enough to feed your family plus 10 servings, that would help feed everyone there! But if this is not the season of life where you have extra time to spend in the kitchen, please just come anyway, we want you there! Please bring your food ready to serve (warmed, cut etc) and in a disposable container. No need to bring serve ware, we will provide that. 

Photo Time!: Melissa and Tina are back with the photo booth! Now is a great time to update your family photo for the church directory. 

Romans Women’s Bible Study: You are invited to join Vanessa Park in her home, along with other women, for an in-depth study of the book of Romans so you can know the Word of God back and forth. The purpose of this small group is to grow closer to the Lord and in maturity in Him. This is an in-depth class, but you will learn as we go how to study the Word on your own. This is ‘meat’, not ‘milk’, so we can grow as followers of Him and align ourselves according to His Word. The Precept Upon Precept: Romans is needed, along with your Bible, and can be purchased in the Bookstore and begins October 11th. 

Women in the Word: You are invited to join Sharon Torgerson in her home in Woodburn for a small group. Women in the Word is an individual Bible study with one or two ladies of any age, with any level of knowledge of the Word. Starting/points, subjects, and length (generally open-ended) are based on your questions or study desires. The desire and willingness to spend time in Scripture is basic. The text and context is the Bible. The study will model principles for working well in the Word. If you are interested in meeting with Sharon, or have any questions, please contact her at 218.770.7584 or 

Nicaragua After School Program Fund Raiser: Come check out the table in the Connection Center by the Bookstore to purchase sweet treats for gifts or stocking stuffers being sold for $2 each. The goal is to sell 1,000 of these treats in order to support 3 children in our Leon, Nicaragua after school program. If you would like to pre-order or if you have any questions, please contact Rebecca at 503.951.0221

Help Needed: If you are available Fridays or Saturdays to do some light cleaning at MVCC (windows, vacuuming and wiping surfaces), please let us know! You can call or email the office 503.981.1911. Thank you! 

E.R.A. After School Program: Thank you for such an enthusiastic response to the presentation of the ERA program last month! ERA is the after school tutoring program in our sister church in Leon, Nicaragua. As mentioned in the presentation, we invite you to participate by first praying for the students who will benefit from learning about God while getting help with their schoolwork. Secondly, we need your financial support. You can give a one time gift of any amount, or a monthly gift of $25 supports one student for the entirety of the month. To support financially, please sign up here or complete a form from the Bookstore. Questions? Rebecca Hernandez or Cheryl Hauser

Mid Valley Coffee Fellowship: Join us every Friday from 8:30-10:30 am for a time of coffee, treats and fellowship! The Coffee Shop will be opened and serving espresso drinks- try April's special, the Candied Nut Latte! We will also have Longbottom black drip coffee. Remember, all donations go toward Smile Train. Please grab a friend you have been meaning to catch up with, stop in and enjoy the great atmosphere, bring some work you've been meaning to catch up on, bring your Bible and enjoy a quiet time... the possibilities are endless and we look forward to seeing you there! 

Smile Train: Remember, 100% of the donations from our Coffee Shop espresso drinks, as well as the $1 donation we request from our new Longbottom drip coffee station, go towards helping kids get cleft palate surgeries!