Testimony Course

In the beginning of 2015, Pastor Jesse set forth a testimony challenge to the congregation at Mid Valley Community Church.  He encouraged them to take some time to write down their testimony, summed up in one page - the story of what God has done in their lives.  He expressed how powerful this would be to build up the church body as well as something that could minister to friends at family at your memorial service some day.  Many who have participated in this exercise, have found it eye-opening and encouraging.  

We are pleased to provide the following documents, audio and prezi to help you on this testimony journey.  It has some incredible tools for developing a theme, organizing events and blessings from God, as well as the more practical tools such as creating a captivating intro and conclusion.  We encourage you to spend some time working on your testimony and, when you feel it's finished, email it to the church so we can have it on file.  

What you need:

- Journal/Notepad

- Pen

- Bible