We dream of growing a church where the grace and joy of Jesus is evident to all who come. His grace has changed our lives, so in turn we will help the weary, hurting, lonely and broken-hearted to find the love, forgiveness and peace that we so enjoy.

We dream of seeing God use us to reach out to the thousands of people in the Willamette Valley: all ages, cultures and backgrounds, with the life-changing, society-transforming message of the wonderful grace of our Lord Jesus Christ.

We dream of a facility that will enable invitations for a wide range of ongoing ministries. It will have athletic facilities for health and outreach as well as classrooms and computers for various tutorial, counseling and teaching ministries. It will have sound equipment to encourage young people to honor God through music. It will have an attractive campus to honor God and draw the community.  This will be done in His time and through His provision.

We dream of a strong and vital ministry in this Valley where believers of the Gospel will flourish in ongoing growth in Christ through discipleship, Bible studies, seminars, home groups, retreats and through higher Christian education.

We dream of a youth department with hundreds of teens growing in Christ and making plans for a life of commitment to God. As each generation changes with its own inherent styles, we expect to experience a constant presence of diverse tastes. To ease the generational differences, we will apply grace to nurture an environment they may truly feel a part of.

We dream of a church where creativity is heartily encouraged through godly music, art and high academic standards. While this may risk a conflict of personal preference, as in any family it will serve to flavor the fellowship, not break it.

We dream of being obedient to the Great Commission and growing as world Christians. We will possess a link with our brothers and sisters all around the world in communication, support and spirit. We will send financial support to indigenous, short term and career missionaries. We pray we will help establish missions projects that we could go and take part in.

We dream of a church with many lay ministers whole-heartedly serving God in all manners of ministries. This will be a result of a powerful ministry of equipping the saints to utilize their gifts to the fullest extent in their homes, church and community.

We dream of being a mature and loving congregation who despise gossip, indiscretion, and the pain these cause. We will be a people who hate evil and earnestly pray that God will break our hearts over the things that break His heart.

We dream of being a mature and loving congregation who are so given to loving God and His people through sincere worship and works that we have no time for church politics, pettiness and selfadvancement.

We dream of a place where the fruit of the spirit is evident, where God feels at home and where His people feel loved and safe.